Repurposed Antique Vanity to Side Tables

I had a vision of making this antique vanity into two side tables and this is how I did it!  The mirror is also beautiful so I’ll be thinking of a way to repurpose that in the future!  
The drawers seemed perfect for creating matching side tables in a great height for bedside.  The antique castors added a unique element too.  The mirror slid into slots created into the back of the sides and the table was fit into slots in the side of each table.  First I removed the mirror and removed the wooden slots from the back.

I used wood putty to fill in the grooves on the inside of the tables and removed the wooden piece at the back top of the tables.  Here are the tables separated and repaired.  

Once the tables were separated, the fun starts!  My customer wanted a matte black finish which I achieved with Dixie Belle caviar paint.  I love this color as it has a rich matte look.  

The original hardware was beautiful so after a thorough cleaning, I spray painted it gold, then used a gilding wax to age it.  To lightly distress the edges and highlight the drawer and trim details, I used a sanding block to pull back some of the paint.  I finished the tables off with Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax for durability.

One of my favorite things to do is have a bright complimentary color or stenciled design on the side and inside the drawers!  Love the surprise when opening the drawers.  My client’s room had shades of gray and yellow so I painted the inside of the drawers a buttery yellow.  Love the contrast with the black!

Here are the final finished tables.  My client loved them!  I am always on the lookout for another vanity like this!  I think their original purpose is a little antiquated these days and I love the opportunity to create something new from something old!

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