How to Repurpose Drawer into an Ottoman

I had a drawer left over from a dresser I repurposed into a TV cabinet and wanted to do something unique with it.  I found some old fence post tops in my mom’s shed while cleaning it out and they worked perfectly as “feet”.   After painting the drawer and “feet”, I measured the drawer opening and cut a piece of plywood to the outside dimensions.  I screwed wood to the drawer bottom for added support and drilled holes for the screws in the feet then screwed them to the bottom.

Using 3” high-loft foam, batting and really cute fabric I found, I upholstered the top.  I then screwed wood to the underside of the top that would fit snugly into the drawer.  The top can easily be lifted off and the drawer used for storage.  

Since the drawer was very plain, I used silicon molds and casting resin to make the appliqués for the front.  Using dark wax and silver highlights added more depth to the paint.  Recycled hardware finishes it off.  

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